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Register to Consign

There's cash in your closets - clean out your kids' closets and turn their gently used items into extra cash for some family fun! Then get started by registering to consign at our next event!

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Collect, Prep, and Tag

Clean out and cash in! Scroll down below for ALL the information you need to collect, prep and tag your items and maximize your Consignor check!

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Drop Off!

Drop your items off with me at a pre-approved times.

Drop Off Signup times will be posted soon

Consignor checks will be mailed out by the 10th of each month!

Our Average JBF Consignor Check is $300-350!

Selling with JBF Everett-Monroe

The Basics:

  1. Sign up to consign through your tagging account. Once your signed up you will send you a confermation email.
  2. Tag/Prep your items
  3. Drop your items off with me at the Everett Mall at a pre-approved time. (Scheduler will be posted Soon.)

Some F&Q's we have had:

Q:​ How many items can I sell?

A:​ Since Space is limited right now we will be accepting 200 clothing items (this includes 20 Jr's & 10 Maternity items) & 100 Misc Non hung items can be dropped off at this time. Please have items in a bag, bin or box that you don't want back.

Q: Will I be able to drop off more items?

A: Yes! As items sell each week you will be able to choose a time to drop off more items weekly.

Q: What Items am I allowed to bring?

A: We are still working on that. We are in the process of making a list soon of items that we will accepting and Not accepting.

Q:​ Should my items be on hangers and tagged?

A: ​YES!  All items must be tagged and clothes on hangers.

Q:​ When do I receive a check for my sold items?

A:​  Consignor checks will be sent out once a month ​(around the 10th)​ for sold items.

Do you have more questions?  Don’t hesitate to to reach out to me tashajohnson@jbfsale.com

Register to Consign


Consignor Basics For In Person Sales

Get Involved

Consignors that sell with us at earn an average of $300 at each sale!

  •     Consignors earn 60% of their sold items
  •     Consignor fee to participate is $15 each month you participate (taken out of your check at the end)
  •     All tagged items that have been pre-printed with both a “D” for donate and are without a star will be sold at 75% off on Saturday to the Public. (Must have both items on tag to Qualify.)



Drop your items off with me at a pre-approved time for online Sales.


I am still working on these details on when.


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Supplies & Resources

Gather hangers (plastic preferred but wire accepted), tape (clear packing, painter's tape and Scotch tapes), Ziploc bags, safety pins, tagging gun & barbs, zip ties, rubber bands, ribbon, etc. and watch the How to Tag video series before you start tagging.

Inspect Your Items

Follow the 3 C's Rule - Clean, Current, Complete. Ask yourself, is your item clean and without stains or damage, of current style, and complete with no missing parts or flaws? Inspecting clothes for stains works best under unnatural lighting esp fluorescent lights as natural lighting tends to hide stains. We will not accept any stains or damage, no matter how small! Smell your items as well - strong smoke or musty smells from being stored too long will not be accepted. You will need to launder your items before bringing them in.

Check for Recalls

Check out the Safety & Recalls Tool below for a list of recalled items and a Recall Finder link. If your items is listed as recalled, please check to see what is needed to rectify the recall in advance so your item can be sold at the event. Oftentimes, you just need to contact the manufacturer for the Repair Kit. We will not accept any recalled items for sale without the repair kits included - JBF is committed to safety.

In Working Order?

Check to make sure ALL electronics and toys are working properly. Battery-operated items MUST include working batteries, which can be purchased inexpensively at your local Dollar Store, so that Shoppers can be assured that the item works. We will be inspecting to make sure all battery-operated toys have working batteries during Drop-off so please pack these items together so they are easy to find. Items without batteries will not be able to be included in the sale.

List of Acceptable Items

As you are going through all of your items Please Make sure everything falls under the 3 C's Rule...

1.) Clean = Stain-Free, Oder Free, No Holes, Ect.

2.) Current = Fashion within the last 5 Years

3.) Compliant = Meets Safety Requirements and Guidelines (Please See "Check for Recalls" area For more information)

  1. Clothing (Newborn to Teen): Bring items worn between September to March. (Fall/Winter Items) Onesies & T-shirts (long/short sleeved), footed PJs (heavier fabric), Sweaters, Cardigans, Swimsuits OK! & Basketball Shorts OK! Girls Sizes: Preemie - Juniors   Boys sizes: Preemie - Size Teen 20 All brands Accepted For NB-Teen Please read the Drawstring Guidelines.
  2. Juniors:(Odd sizes): Jr. Sizes are the Following:1(XS), 3(S), 5(S/M), 7(M), 9(M/L), 11(L), 13(L/XL), and 15 (XL) Accepted Brands: Abercrombie & Fitch, Active - Old Navy, American Eagle, American Rag, Billabong, Candie’s, Celebrity Pink, Disney, Forever 21, Guess, H&M, Hollister, Juicy Couture, K/Lab, Levi’s, Madden Girl, Material Girl, Mudd, Nike, One Hart, Rock & Republic, Roxy, SO, Under Armor. Xersion - Active Junior, XOXO, Etc... WE DO NOT ACCEPT ADULT CLOTHING
  3. Maternity Clothing: Accepted Brands: Old Navy/Gap, H&M Maternity, Motherhood Maternity, Mimi, Ann Taylor Loft/Ann Taylor, A Pea in the Pod, Nordstrom Maternity, Pink Blush, Boutique brands, Ect.. WE DO NOT ACCEPT ADULT CLOTHING
  4. Shoes & Accessories: boys/girls shoes (size 0-9.5), backpacks, purses, baseball caps, hats/scarves/gloves (Fall only), sunglasses, hair accessories
  5. Baby Care Items: bath tubs, washcloths & bath towels, bottles, bibs, feeding items (such as cups, plates, bowls & utensils), baby food makers/containers or baby food/formula (must be unopened and not expired), sterilizers, warmers, nursing covers, diaper bags, slings & carriers, infant toilets & toilet seats, cloth or disposable diapers, diaper genies, safety items, car seat accessories & toys, booster seats, etc. Not Accepting breast pumps
  6. Large Furniture, Gear & Equipment: car seats, cribs, strollers, travel systems, swings, high chairs, bouncers, walkers, activity centers, play yards, pack-n-plays, play gyms, toddler beds, bunk beds, twin beds, dressers, cribs, mattresses, co-sleepers, changing tables,rocking chairs, gliders, table & chair sets, desks, etc.
  7. Kid's Bedding & Room Decor: blankets, sheets, framed art, lamps, etc. NOTE: We will no longer be accepting crib bumpers.
  8. Toys & Play Equipment: large/small, indoor/outdoor, riding toys, toy kitchen sets, character toys, stuffed animals (must be new with tags), learning toys, outdoor play sets, trampolines, sports gear, bikes, etc. Toys should be clean and batteries must be included.
  9. Family Entertainment: books, music CDs, movies (original DVDs only), video game consoles (Nintendo, Wii, Playstation, Kinect, XBox, etc), puzzles, games, electronics, sporting goods, etc. Batteries must be included.
  10. Parent Mart: small kitchen appliances, tools, dining room sets, bedroom furniture, end tables, coffee tables, chairs, bookcases, armoires, hutches, desks, home decor, art supplies including stamping/scrapbook supplies, party supplies, etc. Note: no upholstered items or adult clothing in this section either please.
  11. All-Season Items: Onesies/T-shirts (Long/short sleeved), footed PJs, Costumes, Swimsuits, Holiday Clothing & Dance Dresses


Grouping Items

Place multiple items such as toys, rattles, bottles, etc. or small parts/accessories belonging to an item (such as furniture of a doll house or socks/headbands that match an outfit) into a Ziploc bag and tape the opening shut. Fasten the bag securely to the item with clear packing tape, zip ties or ribbon. If all items will not fit into one bag, you may use multiple Ziploc bags then attach them all together with zip ties or ribbon. You can include a duplicate tag in each bag just in case they become separated so they can be matched with their item again.

Toys such as games/puzzles must include ALL parts.

Similarly sized items such as books, games, DVDs, etc. can also be grouped together using ribbon, yarn or string.

Hanging Items

Clothes, bags, blankets, slings and carriers sell best when hung on a hanger for Shoppers to see more easily. The hanger should look like a "?" when viewing these items from the front.

TIP: No need to use pant hangers for bottoms as you can either ziptie, safety pin or use a tagging gun to hang pants on the shoulder part of a shirt hanger. See examples here.

Pricing & Creating Tags

When typing the description of your item, make sure to include the brand name, color/pattern, type of item and number of pieces. This will make it easier for us to match the item to the tag description if they should become separated. For Example: 2pc Gymboree Blue SS T-shirt with Gymboree White/Blue Plaid Shorts.

There are no minimum requirements for pricing an item. However, based on market research, we do RECOMMEND that you group smaller valued items together so that the total tagged price can be at least $3 in order to maximize your time and sales.

See our current Pricing Guidelines and Creating Tags Tip Sheet and watch the How to Tag video series for more details.

Printing Tags

Tags must be printed on WHITE CARD STOCK using the 'NORMAL' quality print setting. Colored paper does not scan well at checkout and thin paper will easily tear away from the item. 'Draft/Economy' print quality is too light and 'Best' print quality tends to print barcodes that are too thick for our scanners to read.

Also make sure that the printer is set to PORTRAIT setting. If set to LANDSCAPE setting, then the tags will print too small and cannot be read by our scanners. Our templates print 9 tags per sheet.

Attaching Tags: Clothing Items

Attach tags to clothing items using either a tagging gun or safety pin. Be sure to attach the tag using the garment's label or the hem at the collar/waistband, especially if using a tagging gun. DO NOT puncture a hole directly into the material. I also suggest taping the tagging gun barb or safety pin directly onto the tag to prevent it from being separated from your items as well. See Tagging Gun Tip Sheet.

Attaching Tags: Non-Clothing Items

Tape the tag securely with packing tape onto a flat surface of the item without covering the barcode.

NOTE: For books we recommend using blue painter's tape (preferred) to attach tags to books. Packaging, Scotch or Masking tape tends to tear the book cover when removing the tag.

Attaching Tags: Bagged Items

Our scanners have a very difficult time scanning the barcode through plastic bags due to the glare. Instead, tape the tag on the outside of a bag with clear packaging tape and without covering the barcode.



We are looking to add some more people to our Team as Employee's during our upcoming sales event. If you're interested or have a friend that maybe interested in more information regarding working at the Everett-Monroe Event please send me an E-mail: tashajohnson@jbfsale.com with the subject line titled "Employment" and I will send you all the information and paper work.


Need a Tagging Gun?

Tagging Guns can be found and purchased inexpensively by doing a search for "Tagging Guns" on Amazon.com. Make sure to select a "fine" needle tagging gun as they create the smallest holes.


Tell 10 to CA$H In!

Consignor checks are NICE & BIG when each Consignor shares in getting the word out about JBF! Word-of-mouth advertising is the best form of advertising and market research has shown that it takes 10 Shoppers for each Consignor to sell the majority of their items at the event. We can't do this without you. Consider helping out in one of these ways:

  • Share as many Free Admission Passes as you can to your local social network? Email us at tashajohnson@jbfsale.com with the words "Free Passes" in the subject heading with your home address and how many passes you want and we'll mail them to you!
  • Forward our JBF E-Newsletters, share our Facebook event, or share our Eventbrite Admission Tickets with friends/family and other mommies you meet!


Want a Bigger Consignor Check?


Tasha Johnson




I would like to personally thank all of the amazing mothers (and brave fathers) that devote their time and effort into making all of the JBF Sales Events a huge success!

My family and I look forward to serving the Everett/Monroe communities and its families for many years to come!

Thank you and please come up and say "Hi!" at our next event! I'd love to meet you!